We have several solutions to fully meet the topology of fiber optic networks, covering a wider range of components for organization.

Ideal for installation in optical telecommunications systems, for indoor use and installation in racks. Recommended to store the excess length of optical cords used for interconnection between optical distributors and network equipment. Applications Installation Environment: Internal Advantage Tray for accommodating optical cords; Simple handling, without the need for special tools; Features a sliding drawer that facilitates access to stored optical cords; It has a fiber guide through suitable radii of curvature providing optimum performance of the optical fiber; Suitable for installation in 19 ″ or 23 ″ racks or brackets; Resistant and corrosion protected product, for the specified conditions of indoor use.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 44.45 mm (1U);

Width: 19 ″;

Depth: 320 mm;

Type of Painting: Epoxy powder paint with high scratch resistance;

Weight: 3.5 kg.


High density optical rack with front access to accommodate up to 12 DGO’s cards with a total capacity of 144 connections (optical fibers and adapters). Fixing tabs for 19 ”and 23” racks 3U’s high. RAL 9005 color.


Front rack sub with access to accommodate up to 12 splitters cards, cable organizer and protective acrylic cover. The optical division is defined according to the splitter model purchased on the card. Fixing tabs for 19 ”and 23” racks with 3U’s in height. RAL 9005 color.