We have several solutions for complete service to the topology of fibre optic networks, contemplating the widest range of components for distribution and service to your customers.
Acoplador ótico

The Optical Coupler is a device used for connecting “face to face” zirconia (ceramic) bolts between optical connectors. It performs the interconnection of two connectors maintaining a perfect alignment of the bolts and, consequently, of the optical fibres. It has front and rear inputs for the same type of optical connector. The product is developed for SC, LC, FC, ST, MTRJ, E2000 and MPO type connectors with APC, PC or UPC polishing. They can be supplied in simplex or duplex models, in blue (UPC), green (APC) and beige (PC) colours, for single mode or multimode fibres. Also known as couplers or aligners, Optical Adapters are provided with plugs to protect the connection area from penetration and accumulation of impurities. They can be supplied with shutter (tilting outer cover) which ensures the protection of the glove of alignment and connection, even after removal of the connector. Some Optical Adapters are supplied with flange to allow its perfect fixing on the optical component.


Optical Splitter is a device used to split or combine the signal of optical fibres into PON networks. Nilko Splitters are manufactured with PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) technology and certified by Anatel.


Splitter card configured according to customer’s needs. Adapters of the simple model or with a protective tipper against laser radiation (Shulter) against dust. Optical splitters on models 1: N and 2: N. RAL 9005 color. Splitters are connectorized according to specification: Connector: LC, SC and E2000; Polishing: PC, APC and UPC. The connectors meet Anatel’s Class III, Category D requirements. RAL 9005 color.


DGO Card (General Optical Distributor) with capacity for 12 simplex optical adapters and 12 pigtails, accommodation tray and splice protectors. Adapters of the simple model or with a protective tipper against laser radiation (Shulter) against dust. The 900μm pigtails supplied meet Anatel’s Class III, Category D requirements, and follow the ABNT color standard according to NBR 14771/14772. RAL 9005 color.