Access equipment is part of a telecommunications network that connects the customer to their provider.

High Density Optical Frame containing 45U with 23″ and adapters for 19″ for indoor use. The system comprises a frame that can store DGO Shelfs, Shelf Splitter, and DGO and Splitter cards.

The Frame meets the most diverse technical standards as follows:

  • ABNT NBR 11003
  • Telebrás Practice 240-600-703
  • UL-94
  • ASTM D2794/93
  • ITU-T G.652

Frame is a steel metallic structure with surface treatment against corrosion, with totally frontal access which allows the installation of sub-frames with configurations DGO, BSP, ICX, MISC and BSP-M that allows transition of external fibre optic network in an internal environment inside building stations.