Racks 19``

The Indoor Racks or 19” Racks we manufacture are recommended for the most diverse purposes and uses, following the philosophy of customized products according to the customer’s needs. Our profile technology allows a great versatility and mechanical resistance. Flexibility, agility and state-of-the-art technology allow us to offer customized projects according to the needs of each client. Through the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Special Projects, your design is produced by an own team, which presents suggestions according to the trends to create customized and updated products. We always invest in product research and development to deliver the best solutions. The Indoor Racks models were developed to offer maximum safety to your equipment with practicality, state-of-the-art technology, durability and modern design. In addition, our expertise and manufacturing resources provide the manufacturing of products in materials such as extruded aluminium and reinforced Nilko standard, stainless steel and carbon steel with structural rigidity and low cost, thus enabling the guarantee of 05 years.


Check out the available Indoor Racks models
ModelWidthUseful HeightUseful DepthMaximum LoadBetween Rulers
20U x 870 mm600 mm20U740 mm600 kg700 mm
24U x 870 mm600 mm24U740 mm600 kg700 mm
36U x 870 mm600 mm36U740 mm600 kg700 mm
40U x 1170 mm600 mm40U1.040 mm600 kg1000 mm
42U x 870 mm600 mm42U740 mm600 kg700 mm
44U x 870 mm600 mm44U740 mm600 kg700 mm
44U x 1170 mm600 mm44U1040 mm600 kg900 mm
44U x 1170 mm800 mm44U1040mm600kg900 mm
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19 RACKS – Multipurpose Products
19 RACKS - Specific Use Products