Versatile solution for any application: the technology used facilitates the replacement of parts in the field, ensuring an affordable price for them in the event of an after-sales need.
Cabine outdoor compartilhada

Infrastructure sharing between telecommunications operators is a mechanism used to reduce costs, improve service quality, speed up network expansion and reduce environmental impacts.

Our Outdoor Shared Cabin allows the shared use by more than one operator, application similar to biosites, but with the advantages of easy access for maintenance, flexibility to change the structure and refrigeration technologies. The structure should provide adequate protection to ensure the operation of indoor equipment in external environments and adverse weather conditions.

Main Features:

  • Dimensional: (W x H x D): 1500 x 2350 x 1200 mm
  • Index of protection IP65;
  • Index of protection IK10;
  • Double-wall structure and structural skeleton with Magic profiles;
  • Structure should allow easy access to the components stored inside;
  • Access to independent and individualized compartments;
  • Niches with independent operation, with direct connections to the cooling and power supply systems;
  • Individual grounding for the compartments;
  • Single cooling system with rear access;
  • Space of 19” 20Us in each compartment;
  • Three-point locking system;
  • Locking system with cover and tetra key access;
  • Compliance with ROHS regulations.
Container modular

Technical Characteristics

  • Dimensional: (W x H x D): 1900 x 2600 x 2040 mm
  • Anti-vandalism security system;
  • Designed for installation in any type of environment;
  • Exclusive modular assembly system allowing repairs and/or extensions without the need to remove the equipment;
  • Climatization or ventilation solutions;
  • Double wall technology for noise reduction;
  • System for mounting standard 19”, 23” equipment, ETSI, system of shelves or mounting plate;
  • Interior design customized to the customer’s needs;
  • Electromagnetic shielding;
  • Power system (QDCA or QDCC) – optional.
Rack para subestação

Outdoor Rack with aluminium profiles with degree of protection IP 55, finished as defined by the customer. Ideal for electrical assembly according to NBR IEC 62208:2003 (empty enclosures intended for sets of maneuvering and low voltage control). Product complies with the requirements of NR 10.

  • Dimensional: (W x H x D): 800 x 1700 x 800 mm

Standard Supply for Standard Cabinets Substation:
Structure, door, ceiling, rear cover, base sill and lifting eyes.

Standard Items:

  • Mounting plate (according to project);

Customizable Items:

  • 19” Tilting Rack;
  • Fixed Rack;
  • Internal door;
  • Partial mounting plates;
  • Assembly stringers;
  • Shutters;
  • Thermal solutions – customized;
  • Corner bead for coupling;
  • Support for coupling;
  • Lifting eyes;
  • Refrigeration system;
  • Reinforcements for earthquake.

Electric cabinets can be purchased in the assembled or semi-assembled version.

Technical Assistance:
The products have extensive specialized technical assistance.

Cabine Outdoor de expansão

We are always attentive to market developments and needs. In this way, not only creative but also economical solutions emerge. Expansion of networks and number of users, insertion of new voice, data and image equipment are some of the many possible applications. We offer customized and innovative solutions. Easy to assemble and expand, the cabins bring security to electronic equipment, leading to a reduction in deployment costs for installers and service operators, both in installation and expansion. It is possible to replace a passive DG common Cabin for an active Cabin without disconnection of the network. Modular technology can also be applied to expand the capacity of each cabinet. New compartments can be connected, laterally or at the top, allowing expansion of services without the need to disconnect installed equipment.