Cabines Smart cities

Fulfilling three functions at the same time, telecommunication, urban furniture and advertising space, the Smart Cities Cabin allows the operator to be closer to its user, bringing better signal quality discreetly and with great ease of maintenance. In convergence with the aesthetics of international urban furniture, it has a capacity of up to 192 connection doors in the PON system, also allowing the product to become a source of income through the rental of advertising space.


Technical Characteristics

  • Space for mounting of equipment with 2x Pivoting Racks of 19″ with 3Us available in each (OLT, MSAN or Switchs);
  • 19” Pivoting Rack with 3Us for power system;
  • Space for 1 bank of 54A/h batteries with internal protection grid;
  • Space for distributor of metal cables, with capacity of 200 subscribers or optical distributor with capacity for up to 192 fibres;
  • Forced ventilation system, with class G4 filter and axial fans with speed control.